Supervision in Cambodia and Myanmar in 2017

EMDR Cambodia through Mekong Project II is organizing and conducting EMDR Supervision for EMDR Myanmar and Cambodia practitioners. Supervision is aimed to refresh the knowledge and skills about trauma therapy and EMDR as needed by the participants, providing case supervisions for trauma therapy, helping the participants to have more confidence in conceptualizing the cases and planning the treatment based on Adaptive Information Processing Model (AIP) and to help participants to be more competence and confidence in practicing EMDR. Self assessment form is used to assess the experience and the knowledge requirement from the participant and decide the brief review of trauma therapy and their puzzling topics. The small group supervision sessions are conducted to help the participant to conceptualize the cases and plan the treatment. The participants have opportunities to do the practicum of EMDR sessions to improve their self confident. The feedback evaluation form is used to assess the results of the supervision.

Myanmar is held on 12-14 of January 2017 at Sagawa hall, Yangon, Myanmar. This Supervision are supervised by Cambodian and Thai EMDR supervisor for Myanmar EMDR practitioners who have been trained in modified EMDR therapy training through Mekong Project II. Number of participants participated twenty three (23/30).

Whereas Supervision in Cambodia is led by Indonesian EMDR trainer and followed by Indonesian, Thai and Cambodian supervisors for Cambodian EMDR practitioners. This Supervision is held on 14-15 of January 2017 at Tonle Bassac II Restaurant, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Number of participants participated twenty three (23/27).