Our Programs

The major aim of Cambodia Mekong Project is to treat the traumatized victims suffering from their traumatic experiences. However, we also realize that the Psychological Treatment in Cambodia is still not yet well known and recognized by the Cambodian people as most of people in this country do not know the importance of psychological treatment and even are not able to identify their own problem whilst they are getting disturbed by some important psychological symptoms. That is why the Project aims to accomplish its objective by having two Cheap Burberry Scarf main activities as bellow:

  1. Psychological Treatment
    The indispensable activity of the project is to provide a free of charge service of Psycho-trauma Treatment to Traumatized Cambodian People who are suffering from their past traumatic experiences and really have a actual need of Psychological Consultation to get recovery from their psychological difficulties. The Psychological Consultation Parajumper Svart has been taken place in some possible places in Cambodia such as: in the shelter, orphanage, client’s Cheap Shoes for Women house, counseling room at university and also in the main office of the project. There are so far about 500 clients has been provided the free of charge treatment from the eight EMDR therapist working for the Project, the figure is included both those who are successfully treated by the therapists and other are on the follow-up cases.
  2. Training
    The training has been organized twice per year for those working closely with the traumatized victims in both provinces and cities of Cambodia. The main aim of conducting this training is to enable care providers such social workers, counselors, educator and those working closely with the traumatized people to empathize the client’s problem and to identify the people who have been exposed to violence and other forms of extreme psychological distress.

On Philipp Plein Pas Cher 07 and 08 July 2012, Mekong Project has conducted a two day training for NGO’s staffs working both in Provinces and Phnom Penh. There were 30 Golden Goose Sale participants, including 20 female trainees, invited by Cambodian Mekong Project to participate in the training. They come from 13 different institutions: CASC, CITI POINT, Chabb Dai, CWCC, Goutte d’eau, Hagar Cambodia, VCAO, HPC, AZIZA’s Place, Kruosar Thmey, SHISA, KKEV, House of Family.

The training also has its objectives as following:

  • to help training participants to gain knowledge and understanding on how to provide systematic care for survivors of violence, from understanding the cause, the consequences, and treatment approaches;
  • to improve psychosocial support skills among participants;