Supervision in Cambodia and Myanmar

EMDR Cambodia through Mekong Canada Goose Jacka Herr Billigt Project II is organizing and conducting EMDR Supervision for Myanmar and Cambodia. Parajumpers Ugo Herr

EMDR Supervision in Myanmar is held on 12-14 Golden Goose Superstar Sneakers Sale of January 2017 at Sagawa hall, Yangon, Myanmar. This Supervision are supervised by Cambodian and Thai EMDR supervisor for Myanmar EMDR pratitioners who have been Nike Air Max 90 Herren Sale trained in modified EMDR Golden Goose Starter therapy training through Mekong Project II.

Parajumpers Geena Dam Billigt Whereas Supervision in Cambodia will be led by Indonesian EMDR trainer and followed by Indonesian, Thai and Cambodian supervisors for Cambodian EMDR practitioners. This Supervision will be held on 14-15 of Janun2017 at Tonle Bassac II Restaurant, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.