Clinical Supervision for New-trained EMDR Therapists

Clinical Supervision for New-trained EMDR Therapists On 18th-19th May 2018, the Mekong Project III of EMDR Association is conducting a clinical supervision in Phnom Penh for ten new EMDR practitioners and four EMDR therapists who have been trained previousely in Mekong Project II. The clinical Supervision has been coordinated by the project team, new EMDR trainers in training, EMDR supervisors with help from 10 new EMDR senior and junior supervisors in training in Cambodia. The main activities are focusing on EMDR case supervision, refreshing and practicing trauma stabilization techniques such as; SAFE PLACE, CONTAINER, LIGHT STREAM and FIVE ELEMENTS. Supervision is aimed at refreshing and building more confident knowledge/skills as well as sharing clinical experiences with traumatized clients in the country.