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What is CAMBODIA Mekong Project?

Mekong Project is a project for the treatment of traumatized victims who have been suffering from any kind of traumatic events which lead them to dysfunctional behavior in their daily life activities. The project has been technically and financially supported by Terre des hommes Germany and the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (Germany). Within the past 3 years, Trauma Aid has trained trauma therapists in Thailand, Cambodia and Indonesia in which there were around 20 Cambodians had been trained rigorously to know how to use EMDR Approach and Stabilization Techniques for the psychological treatment with their traumatized clients in Cambodia.

Specifically, Cambodia has, similar to other South Asian Countries, been remarkably found there are numerous people in this country suffer from domestic violence, sexual abuse, human trafficking, situation and supply for refugees, religious and Transmission of Trauma to Future Generations, military conflicts or natural disasters. It is mostly women and children who are affected whilst lacking of psycho-trauma treatment provided by the specialists has been reported nationally.

As a result, The Cambodian Mekong Project has been created in 2010 by Trauma Aid/HAP Germany, in which there are currently 8 EMDR therapists working for the Project, to provide a free of charge service of Psycho-trauma Treatment to Traumatized Cambodian People who are suffering from their past traumatic experiences and really have a actual need of Psychological Consultation to get recovery from their psychological difficulties.